MARKETING ON FIRE (MOF) is a Web-based marketing platform. Once you’ve set up a MOF account, it can help you create automated marketing campaigns.


CAMPAIGN. A set of automated tactics, all coordinated for a specific purpose or goal. MOF offers different types of campaigns for you to choose from and modify, according to your needs.

TACTIC. Any online automated activity that’s part of a campaign. (For example, clickable online ads, webinars, automated emails, and landing pages.)

CONTACT. A contact is an individual campaign target. This could be any person (or corporate entity) you want to engage, whose name, contact info, and other relevant data you collect and use.

(See also: How to create a contact entry)

LIST. A collection of contacts and their names, contact info, and other relevant data. Every contact you enter into your campaign is compiled into a list. A campaign can be geared towards targeting an entire list.

(See also: How to create and manage lists)


Start by picking a campaign type that best suits your marketing goals.

There are seven (7) campaign types to choose from:

  1. Sales Page – This is designed around a simple “Call To Action” Web landing page which automatically pops up after an ad click and invites the viewer to do a particular action (example: make an online purchase). Note: this does not include any subscriber form to collect contact data.
  2. Evergreen Webinar – Build your brand or company image with your target market by offering valuable information or education via a video seminar (“webinar”) that automatically plays over and over again for as long as you want. You can control who can watch it, collect their data, reward them for participating, and invite them to engage with you further (like purchase your product).
  3. Flash Funnel – This is typically used for real estate, insurance, business coaching and more. Tactics include an ad click-triggered landing page with a subscriber form and an automated email follow-up sequence.
  4. “Done For You” Funnel – This contains an industry-specific lead magnet page with a subscriber form, a thank-you page, a giveaway or gift and matching download page, and an automated email follow-up sequence.
  5. Conversion Funnel – This campaign is geared specifically towards persuading people to make one or more purchases/subscriptions, “converting” leads into sales. Includes a lead magnet page with a subscriber form, a thank-you page, a gift and download page, and an automated email follow-up sequence.
  6. Email Retargeting – This helps you target your email subscriber lists. Allows you to personalize your emails and systematically convert more subscribers into paying customers.
  7. FacebookTM Article Poster – Generate more content and traffic on your business Facebook account or page by instantly selecting, modifying, and posting pre-written professionally-written articles.


Once you pick a campaign, you will be presented with a specific set of steps to follow and options to set. These steps and options allow you to customize every tactic within the campaign for your business (i.e., specify your target audience or list of contacts, add automated email options, design your content, etc.).


You can view how your campaign is doing through MOF’s analytics.


You have a maximum limit to the number of campaigns you can create with your MOF account. It will depend on which subscription package you purchased.